Pregnancy and Childbirth

Becoming pregnant is the happiest moment in a woman’s life and also the most important one! There is a saying that a woman is not complete if she hasn’t gone through even one pregnancy in her whole lifetime. It is important to remain happy and active through the pregnancy month by month so that healthy development of fetus takes place.

The birth of a baby is awesome. As young girls we are taught by our culture to fear birth and look at it as an unpleasant, dangerous and bothersome time, instead of a glorious, life changing experience. We have lost our passion for embracing who we are as women and what we can accomplish when left to do what comes naturally. Our bodies and minds cannot fully engage in the powerful moments of childbirth when there is a constant deluge of media-based fear running rampant through our heads. This affects us on a very cellular level and instills in us a loss of accomplishment, a loss of empowerment, a loss of who we truly can be as women. This blog aims to reeducate, re-center and change the way we view our bodies, ourselves and the way we give birth in today’s hectic life.

My personal birth philosophy is that women were made to birth babies beautifully. That why I am writing this blog to increase awareness of the pregnancy and childbirth. A parent experiences boundless love. While two people can love each other deeply, the unconditional and uncontrollable love for a child is unmatched in creation. And the miracle of watching an embryo become a live being with feelings, needs, and a personality that is an extension of yours is an experience that no one should choose to miss.

Pregnancy and Childbirth is a special time in a person’s life. The remarkable journey of new life is a positive, transformative experience. Pregnancy offers expectant parents an opportunity to prepare physically, mentally, and emotionally for parenthood. Pregnancy can be the most joyful and the most vulnerable time of a woman’s life. Making informed decisions about childbirth, newborn care, and parenting practices is a critical investment in the attachment relationship between parent and child. That is why I feel all parents should be prepared for this role. Very often new parents are completely unprepared, and overwhelmed with their roles as parents.

We require automobile operators to have licenses. We forbid people from practicing medicine, law, pharmacy, or psychiatry unless they have satisfied certain licensing requirements. We require drivers to be licensed because driving a car is an activity which is potentially harmful to others. So, I believe that future parents should also learn about parenting. They can become responsible when midwives can assist them in making the right choices through education.

Education is a key to help new parents. Parenting is a process of learning and one that is not easy, it comes with joys and challenges. But as we all know, to become a parent is a matter of choice that any mature adult can make. It’s the first thing people should remember before trying to get pregnant. If a couple decides to become a mother or father, it can only mean they are ready for the responsibilities that go with it.

When preparing for the birth of a child, parents can create a peaceful, loving environment in which to grow, birth, and care for a new life. Parenthood means sleepless nights and a major lifestyle adjustment, but it is the most humbling and rewarding adjustment you will ever make.

Preparing for parenthood also means preparing for the birthing process. The process of childbirth, for all practical purposes, starts weeks before a woman feels her first contraction. The body will be preparing for the upcoming event in several ways and a person may or may not notice. Even if the woman does not recognize these events, they are happening.

Sometimes pregnancy and childbirth isn’t pleasant. Pregnancy is a fragile time when a woman’s body needs special care. Sometimes a pregnant woman is swollen, bloated, and sore, but whatever the case, she is beautiful. Her body goes through changes during pregnancy. It is even more obvious that some women are affected emotionally by those changes. Other than hormones, a woman’s self-image is lowered during pregnancy. During this time it is not uncommon for a woman to feel less attractive, unwanted, and in some cases, disgusting. But pregnancy gives a woman a glow and a presence that can inspire those around them. I think pregnant woman are beautiful and sexy. They are brining life into this world and what is better than that.

When most women talk to each other, all they talk about is how bad it hurt and how horrible childbirth is. I personally heard and witnessed many birth stories. The majority of women will have an uncomplicated and will bring healthy babies into this world. There are those who will not have the same experience of pregnancy and childbirth. The formal act of childbirth starts with labour contractions. This begins the first stage of labor. This stage ends and the next stage begins with the cervix is fully dilated. It’s usually longer for first time deliveries.

The second stage of labour ends with the delivery of the baby. During the second stage is the exciting crowning phase where the baby can be seen for the first time. During the third phase of labour is the Placenta is delivered. By this time a woman will be so excited to have delivered a baby. Some wmen experience severe pain and just want it over. So I do think that we as midwives need to talk more freely to pregnant women about the birthing process and how to make it easier for them. Our support during the birthing process is of outmost importance.

I do know that birth is not always so painful. Maybe we do overplay that and women therefore expect that it is always painful. This may well increase fear and anxiety. None of us want to experience pain. However our bodies have amazing ability to help us cope with this experience of birth. We have these lovely things called endorphins which help to make the experience bearable and even enjoyable. Endorphins will not be released if we are fearful and anxious, then we have the opposite hormonal response where catecholamine’s are released which can make the labour more painful. So the more fearful and anxious we are, the more likely it is that labour will be painful, a self-fulfilling prophecy.

On a personal note, each pregnant woman should surround herself with people who share her believes, who will help her to relax and have a great experience when bring new life into this world. There midiwves should be able to maintain a watchful eye on the progress of your labour without interfering. Midwives should be able to reassure a woman that labour is progressing at a pace that is fine for her and her baby. A midwife should also be able to identify if a woman needs extra help or support and help her to get that when and where needed.


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