Breastfeeding is hard

Breastfeeding is beautiful and natural. But breastfeeding is hard, and it hurts. Yes it is hard and it is not a picnic. It is not always “natural.” Initiating breastfeeding is often painful. Cracked and bleeding nipples are every bit as unpleasant as it sounds. Many women will tell you there babies latched poorly, they bled, had cracked nipples, got mastitis not once but three times. Some of them are in pain during breastfeeding, breasts are swollen, making them miserable. For many new moms the experience was not comfortable or natural or easy at all.

There are times they want to give up. One problem is that many of new mom or even nursing staff have never seen a nursing mother and baby or grew up in a breastfeeding culture. This can make it difficult to learn the art and techniques associated with good nursing techniques like the proper latch and breastfeeding positions. By using good positioning with breastfeeding you can help avoid nipple pain and other breastfeeding problems.

If you feel I’ve missed important links for lactation experts, have a more up-to-date link for any of them or find any other problem, please find the following links:

For more basic practical breastfeeding information, I highly recommend that you check out Dr. Jack Newman’s articles which are great resources to help you know more about breastfeeding. Also be sure to check out “Gee Whiz” Lactation Facts for some surprising facts about breasfeeding. Breastfeeding is a learned behavior. It is not instinctual on the part of the mother and although a baby has the instinct to suckle, latching on properly and actually getting milk requires practice. A new mother and a new baby may get frustrated very quickly when things do not proceed smoothly. This is a comprehensive site regarding Breastfeeding, Birthing Centres, Breastfeeding Consultants, Midwives.

Addtional breastfeeding articles and links:

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