Beaufort West

Beaufort West is a very isolated and lonely place while at the same time it is also severely economically depressed. This has resulted in the inhabitants of that town experiencing harsh living conditions. They have had to adapt to many hardships and for them life is a daily struggle. Many, if not most of the towns people go about their daily lives having adapted to their circumstances. The will to survive and go forward is a very special trait in that community.

I come from this background and vividly remember struggling through the dry and arid summer months while freezing in winter; not a pleasant experience. Having said this, I have found that these unfortunate experiences I speak of have equipped me to cope in all corners of the world where I have worked and visited. I am a survivor. Beaufort West helped me to survive.

My parents and grandparents taught me the art of survival despite the fact that on occasions it felt that the ‘Good Lord” had turned his back on the people of Beaufort West. Nonetheless, the people of that town go on from day to day taking each day as it comes.

The people of Beaufort West and the surrounding areas are survivors in an arid semi desert landscape and as far as many things are concerned have learned to adapt. Midwifery is profoundly to the fore in this community since the people realise the immense importance of giving to others and maintaining life. Despite the very many adverse conditions, the people have grown in strength, shrugging off those dry and dusty summer days and freezing winter nights, always hoping for a better tomorrow. The realization of their circumstances has long dawned on them and they know that there is little choice but to go on; they cannot afford the luxury of self pity. Life must go on-the people of Beaufort West face a tuff life but never surrender.

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