About Us

The organization was founded in 2009 by Dorothy McKune, a traditional midwife who had been working to humanize and reclaim birth for women as a woman’s educator, health activist and organiser. She discussed the need for an African organization with other midwives to support their profession. She invited a number of motivated women around the country to join her. The Alliance of African Midwives (AAM) has grown from 6 countries to 35 countries throughout Africa. The organization embraces all midwives regardless of training or credentials. The group recognized the role midwives can play in helping to improve childbirth in Africa.

We develop partnerships and collaborations with African Midwives Associations, national and local midwives, who are a real strength in reducing maternal mortality rates, which remain high in several countries, and in fighting against post-partum injuries. The work of midwives is vitally important to save a mother and her child’s lives, and the world needs more of them.

We reach, respect and become part of communities and help them make change from within by supporting communities others cannot or do not reach and championing women who are at the heart of their family’s and community’s health.

What We Do

AAM  believe that the power for change lies within the education of Africa’s midwives. We therefore ensure that midwives have the knowledge, skills and means to support and help pregnant women during pregnancy and childbirth.

AAM improves the education of midwives in Africa. There is a critical shortage of midwives in Africa. AAM educate thousands of health workers from across Africa every year. Whether a midwife is delivering a baby in an urban hospital or a village, we make sure they have the skills and tools they need to make a difference.

AAM gives pregnant women a good start. AAM ensures pregnant women, new mothers, and young children have the health care and education they need to survive and thrive

AAM changes health policy. AAM sets out to influence those in power so that health policies, practices and financing better serve pregnant women and children.

Where we work

AAM work in all the major regions of the African continent. We address a wide range of the core problems faced by midwives in Africa

AAM works with midwives, nurse and doulas on national and international levels which affect birthing practices in Africa.

We are deeply committed to the work we do and the people we serve. We are mission driven. It is our mission to provide the best care.