The Team

Dorothy Mckune (Founder And President)  Dorothy  was born and raised in Beaufort West, South Africa. She moved to Cape Town to complete a Diploma in General Nursing in 1981, followed with a Diploma in Midwifery at Tygerberg Hospital in 1982. She returned to school and completed a Diploma in Nursing Administration and Community Science through the University of the Western Cape in 1997 in Cape Town. In 2005 she completed a Certificate in Mental Health through Douglas College in Vancouver Canada. Dorothy graduated from the University of Phoenix in Arizona with a Bachelors Of Science In Nursing (BSN) degree and Master of Science in Nursing (MSN). Dorothy is a law student at the University of South Africa (UNISA)

Dorothy is a traditional midwife of twenty years. Traditional midwifery is her life’s mission and passion. She discovered her passion for traditional midwifery when her grandmother taught her that birth is normal part of a woman’s life and needs to be supported and encouraged. In 1982, when she graduated from nursing college, there were not any options for midwifery training. It was either diploma or be understudy to a traditional midwife. Her family line has been helping women birth as long as she can remember. Birthing is natural and a woman has the ability to give birth simply and safely. The focus of her work since 1984 has been teaching basic listening, parenting, and leadership skills to parents. As a midwife from the African continent, she is very passionate about preserving her culture and tradition. In 2007, she founded Caring Hearts, a non-profit organization committed to provide educational services to the people who live in poverty in South Africa. She has always been driven by a duty to serve the community to which she belongs. The well-being of women from all life stages has been the focus of her practice for over 20 years. Over the years she have gained valuable experience in herbs, homeopathic, nutrition, massage, facilitating spiritual and emotional healing, and waterbirth.

Kezaabu Edwidge

She is a midwife with more than 20 years experience and hails from Uganda. Her current position is Project Coordinator for the Health Community Empowerment Project in the employ of Safemotherhood in Kampala Uganda. Kezaabu completed her Masters in Public Health in 2012, with a Post Graduate Certificate in Project Monitoring and Evaluation, BA Community Development, Diplomas in Midwifery and Nursing. She is involved also in counselling in reproductive health-related issues, community outreach and home-based care programmes that address maternal and child health. Edwidge has been involved with birth as a midwife, as a trainer of trainers, as a clinical instructor, and as a mother. Kezaabu has served women throughout the childbearing year in a variety of roles since graduation. Her current focus is on community-based health education on healthy pregnancy, birth and newborns.

Grace Nwigwe

Grace is traditional midwife living in Ghana. She is the inheritor of three generations of midwifery knowledge; her mother, grandmother and great-grandmother were all traditional midwives, practicing for around 40 years each.  She also offers deliveries and care of the child after birth and other services. Grace tells us, “Childbirth and midwifery here is doing a little well but with a lot of challanges. Midwifery care should emphasise competent prenatal care, education, and empowerment for the woman giving birth. She seeks to help educate her community. Grace is an  expert on women’s issues. She has been a midwife, women’s health care specialist, educator and consultant since 1977. Grace lives in Accra, and is the mother of three children. Grace has attended many twin and breech births.

Monica Namachanja

She is from Webuye in Kenya. Currently she works as a midwife at Tigoni District Hospital providing care to a diverse and primarily low-income group of women, during birth and postpartum. She is the mother of three children, lovingly born into the hands of midwives. Monica loves working with people and giving lectures and seminars, doing individual work with kids and families, giving psychological support to pregnant women, and providing touristic trips with groups. Monica’s goals for African midiwves: getting our power and strengths together for better pregnancy-care and birthing for motherbaby and the whole family. Monia thinks that together we can do much more to make things better and at the same time enjoy doing it by getting together and spreading the love that is connecting people all around the world! She believes all babies should have the most natural birth possible and should be welcomed in the most gentle way, and that mothers should be well treated all in Africa.

Jennifer Cornelius
Jennifer Cornelius

Jennifer Cornelius

She is a very experienced advanced midwife from Cape Town South Africa. Jennifer is a clinical educator and community health educator with more than 26 years experience in clinical and public health programs in all academic sectors in South Africa. Jenny began her career at the Sarley Dolly Nursing College where she received her Diploma in General Nursing and Midwifery from Tygerberg Hospital where she attended over 2,000 births. Jennifer completed a BCur from the University of South Africa and Advance Midwifery from University from the University of Stellenbosch. She has held a variety of certifications over the years. Jennifer is also a registered HIV/AIDS consultant, certified HIV testing counselor and partner notification specialist, she keeps busy researching, developing and teaching disease prevention programs. Jennifer was born at home in Graaff Reinett South Africa and is the mother of two teenage daughters.